As an artist I work with a variety of mediums: drawing, collage, painting, ceramics and installation art. Professionally I work as a landscape architect. Landscape architecture’s process has many similarities to art. Although the result of design has more practicality to its function, of course. I recently heard of a counselor who took his patients with depression to a piece of a land and together the group created a garden. Through the process of building the garden the patients healed the depression and had built a community they belonged to.

I need art. I, like most everyone I know, is burdening trauma. When I was young, making art was the only place I felt belonging. As a child I felt excluded and strange. As an adult I realize how trauma can become a monster and harm others if not correctly dealt with. Art is a lot about processing my emotions and reconnecting with myself. I love ceramics. I love the process of cutting, folding, mending and scraping. Ceramics can be unexpected. What is going to happen in the kiln? How will the glazes come out? It gives me something to keep looking forward to.